About Us

Michael D. Irving Ed.S.

My name is Michael Irving. I am a South Florida native who God has led to the beautiful state of North Carolina. I currently serve as a father, husband, high school administrator, children’s church teacher for 2 – 3-year-olds. I lead a busy life but I make sure that I devote time to building and cultivating my relationship with Jesus Christ and to staying fit to serve Him to the best of my ability.

My Story

Who is Michael Irving? He was born in Rockledge Florida in 1980, and up until the age of 5, he had a normal childhood. His father worked as a mechanic at Kennedy Space Center and his mother worked as a teacher’s assistant but in 1985 his life was drastically changed. His father was accused of a robbery and decided to take Michael, his two older sisters and younger brother, to South Florida in order avoid being arrested. Michael and his family moved into their grandfather’s house. Michael had trouble adjusting to the new neighborhood and constantly got into fights. To make matters worse, in 1987, a jealous uncle hired someone to set fire to the family’s new home with them in it. Michael and his family spent the next year homeless, living with different family members and staying in hotels.

In Middle School, he began wrestling but never took it seriously. He practiced only occasionally and continued to slack in his training and even more so in his school work. At the end of his freshmen year, he missed 40 days from school, had a 0.7 GPA and a 1-7 wrestling record. During his sophomore year, he began to realize that he had talent, both academically and athletically and he simply needed to attend to be successful. That year, even though he did get into trouble outside of school, he managed to finish his sophomore year with a 2.7 GPA and he qualified for the state tournament. At this point he decided to change his life; he began to study and train harder than ever before and made it to the state semi-final. He finished his junior year with a 3.0 GPA and 27-3 record. He spent the next summer training intently on winning a state championship. Eventually, he ended up training at the Seahorse wrestling club where he met Steven and Jonathan Williams, the men who would eventually change his life. Up until that point Michael had not given much thought to the future and what he would do after high school, but the Williams brothers got him thinking about going to college. The next year he transferred to the high school where these two men coached. That year he went undefeated and won a state championship.

Later on, Michael went on to college where he became a four-time all-American and won a National Championship. After college, he went back to Florida where he taught high school and wrestled on a part-time basis. He experienced some success, placing 2nd at the Sunkist International Open, 7th at the U.S. Open, and 5th at the World Team Trials. Even with this success, Michael did not feel as if he was reaching his full potential as a wrestler. So he made the difficult decision to resign from his job and move to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, in order to pursue his dream of Olympic Gold.



  • Ed.S. in Educational Leadership
  • MAED in Curriculum and Instruction
  • B.S. in Religion and Public Health
  • 9x All-American in Wrestling
  • Collegiate Wrestling National Champion
  • 3x Silver Medalist in International Wrestling Competition.


  • B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies
  • MAED in Elementary Education
  • 12 Years of experience in Education and Ministry