Monday Morning Workout 7/2/2017
Monday Morning
Time 3:45 am (Gotta get it in before the kids wake up.)
Warm up (45 minute bike ride)
I only really did 1 exercise today, pull ups. The goal for today was to get 100 pull ups. Well, I weigh 270 lbs so, it was not easy. I did five sets with as little rest as possible and then worked the core as a means to rest and recover for the next set of five. It took me a total of 4 sets. Here we go!
Set 1 14 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 2 6 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 3 3 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 4 3 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 5 5 Reps (Wide Grip)
This set beat me up pretty bad. I did a set of 30 suitcase sit ups, 30 bicycles, and a 1 minute plank in between to give my lats and biceps a break.
Running Total 31 reps
Set 6 6 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 7 7 Reps (Close Grip)
Set 8 5 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 9 6 Reps (Close Grip)
Set 10 5 Reps (Wide Grip)
Feeling a little better now. I repeated the previous ab rotation.
Running total 60
Set 11 4 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 12 5 Reps (Close Grip)
Set 13 7 Reps (Close Grip)
Set 14 5 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 15 5 Reps (Wide Grip)
At this point my arms are just about useless. I feel every bit of my 270 lbs right now. Just think that on Wednesday I’ll be adding weight. Next, I repeated my ab circuit for the last time.
Running total 86, I think.
Set 16 3 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 17 7 Reps (Wide Grip)
Set 18 4 Reps (Close Grip)
Set 19 4 Reps (Close Grip)
Set 20 3 Reps (Wide Grip, with 3 leg raises at the halfway point of my decent on each rep)
Total 107

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